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Man real life sucks.  Remember when we had time to play game all damn night long, every night?
Looks like DC won't ever be reborn, it was one of those special games that I have yet seen topped.  I had my hopes that someone would remake it.  Or the original creator would make a stand alone.  But it looks like balenced battlefield shooters like DC are the thing of the past.
Some of the guys are playing a mod called Day Z.  It for Arma II and from the looks of it, it's a lot of fun.  Gun and his son are playing it and I have messed with it a bit.  Plans are in the works to release a stand alone game.  Who knows maybe we can group up to own zombies and kill faction clans.
If you are reading this, please drop a line in the forum.  Some of us check it every now and then.  Haven't heard from alot of you in awhile.  Hope everything is doing well in your lives. 
ItazuraStrikes Desert Combat is still, to this very day, the best FPS I have ever played. New games are all shined up with improved gra ...

Battlefield 3

Reaver a posted Dec 21, 11
It's been out for some time now and it seems a few of us are playing it.  UnchainedGun has a new server for it, all the details about it are in his post.    Currently I and a few others aren't able to play because of the high system requirements.  Hopefully that will change soon!
Christmas is almost here and I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  This website still serves as a beacon for all the old cav team, if it's been awhile, please post and let us know what you are up to.  I've been getting spam email from some of the members registered e-mail addresses, seem like their accounts were hacked and they don't know it.  So be careful following links.
-Reaver out.
ItazuraStrikes I've been playing on PS3. Not ideal, I know, but the CoD series hackfest has done a great job at turning me away from P ...

To a Fallen Member.

Reaver a posted Jun 12, 09

Austin Douglas Lowe, known to us all as CrackHead, passed away March 30, 2009.  Some of the members that joined late in the clans history may not remember CrackHead, but all of us old schoolers will never forget him.  Crackhead help lay the foundations for this clan.  He was a dedicated member and was constantly online ready to play Desert Combat with his buddies.  He loved playing infantry and pawning noobs in tanks.  Never once did he lose his temper while playing, a feat very hard to do as we all know.  His laid back attitude, quirky sense of humor and his friendship will be greatly missed.  It's funny how such strong friendships can be made over a video game.  But none of the less CrackHead was a =[1-CAV]= member, his name will be retired forever, his memory will live on through us.  Rest in peace Crackhead.

Austins Memorial: http://obit.porterloring.com/obitdisplay.html?id=653714&clientid=porterloring&listing=Found

Reaver a I was lucky enough to meet Austin in person, I swung by his house when he was 16 I believe....I remember he was younger ...
Reaver a I was lucky enough to meet Austin in person, I swung by his house when he was 16 I believe....I remember he was younger ...
Unknown User Hi guys! I'm Austin's Mom. You were so much a part of Austin's life that I still like to check in on you ...
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